Benassi the best investment for your construction work

From small, family-run business to leading company in the road construction sector and shareholder in real estate and financial ventures.

Benassi srl: paving, urbanization, demolition with environmental recovery, design and fitting of synthetic grass football fields.

Quality, social responsibility, professionalism and completeness: this are the key words of the business model typical of a modern entrepreneurial vision, aligned with the economic evolution of tomorrow’s society.

Benassi Srl was founded in 1981 by Pietro and Claudio Benassi. It has been operating in the construction sector for over 35 years at 360 degrees: from paving to urbanization works, demolitions with environmental recovery, and conduit restoration with “No-Dig” technology.

The company was founded on the resolution, tenacity and perseverance characteristic of the players of the economic stage in Reggio, fundamental principles handed down over the generations thanks to the culture of work, the real added value. In 1973 Pietro Benassi with his brother Claudio started a family run business in the industrial paving sector, Benassi’s core business for a number of years.

Over the years the company gradually expanded its range of services: it started renovating yards paved with asphalt, different types of self-locking blocks and all natural stone, thus meeting the requirements of a rapidly evolving market.

Economic incentives and growing demand from a loyal customer base developed over time made it possible for Benassi Srl to achieve excellent standards regarding infrastructures and urbanization projects, working on the most important projects in the province of Reggio. As an example the company worked on building “Petali del Giglio”, a new shopping mall in the centre of Reggio Emilia, standing out for its professionalism and delivering before its agreed deadline. Another very important project is “Parco Ottavi”: a 500.000 sq. Mt. housing project soon to be the most sought after residential area in town.

In 1999, to optimize service quality, Benassi Srl was among the first companies of its kind to implement the current quality system obtaining UNI ISO 9000 and SOA certification, essential to bid for public tenders.

In 2005 Benassi’s keen interest in environmental issues is fulfilled investing resources in a 30.000 salvage and recycling plant for inert materials just outside of town. There the company stores waste materials from excavations and demolitions, which will be used, after appropriate processing, for laying roadbeds thus drastically reducing the use of gravel sourced from riverbeds.

Always on the look-out for new technology and innovative solutions, Benassi expanded its offer by specializing in conduit restoration using “No-Dig” technology.

Benassi’s interventions follow in a well-established tradition where new technologies are applied in salvaging structures in a measured way, without sudden breaks that may cause a rift between technology and safeguarding the land where we were born and where we live happily.